Fees Associated with the VXCS  Cost
 No VXCS membership required in 2014.  
 No AMA membership required in 2014.  
 Gate fee at all events  $10 per person
 Kids Under 6  free
  Adult entry fee(except Pro classes)   $45
 Pro Class  $65
 Youth Class  $20
 Mini Classes   $30

Class Starting Order

VXCS Policy Regarding Rider Numbers
In 2014 the following numbering system will be in place for each class as listed below.
Charts read left to right

Rider #s
  Adult Bikes:  #s  Class  #s
 Pro  1AA-99AA  250A  100-199
 4-Str A  200-249  Vet A  250-299
 40+A  300-399  Masters  1M-49M
 200B  400-499  250B  500-599
 4Str. B  600-699  Vet B  700-799
 Sen, B  800-899  Super Senior B  900-999
 200C  1L-Up  250 C  1H-Up
 4Str.C  1C-Up  Vet. C  1V-Up
 Super Senior C  1T-Up  Pro Women  1W-49W
 Am. Women  50W-up    

 Adult Quads:  #s  Class  #s
 AA  1A-49A  OpenA  50A-99A
 Open B  100A-149A  Sport  150A-174A
 Open C  200A-299A  Vet ATV  300A-399A
 Sen. ATV  400A-599A  Youth Production  600A-699A
 Utility  700A-799A  Women ATV  1WA-up

 Youth Classes:  #s  Class  #s
 50cc  400-499  65cc  1K-up
  85cc  7-11  85cc  12-15
 1C-up  105cc  1B-up  
  Jr. Women  under 16  100cc or less  
 Jr. ATV  4-8 years  100-149  
 Youth ATV  70-90cc  8-13 years  150-199
2014 VXCS Starting Order for Bikes
Row     Delay          Class
1.          0                 AA
2.          60     250A  4-StrA VetA 40+ A
3.          120             200B   250B   Pro    Women
4.           180             4-StrB   Vet B   Super Senior B
5.           240             Senior B   Masters   Women
6.           300            4-Stroke C
7.           360            Senior C
8.           420            200C   250C
9.           480            Vet C   Super Senior C  Golden Masters (60+)

2014 VXCS Starting Order for Quads
Row      Delay          Class
1.            0                 AA
2.           60               Open A   Vet   40+
3.           120             Open B   Sport
4.           180            Open C
5.           240        50+   Women   Utility 
6.           300            Youth Production
7.           360         Golden Masters (60+)

After you have signed up and competed under the number you have chosen (or been assigned), that's your number.
After your initial event, you MUST have legible, permanent numbers on your bike or quad.
The VXCS will not require classes to have different background colors for the number plates.
We will require that ALL NUMBERS on your motorcycle or quad match.
Whatever your number is it must be a minimum of 5" on the front and side number plates.

The following rules and regulations are issued by Lone Rider Productions, LLC. and AMA District 13 to supplement the AMA Amateur Competition Rules, and are solely applicable to Virginia Cross-Country Series events.
General Rules
  1. All riders must attend any announced rider's meetings.
  2. NO PIT RIDING. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification and/or impoundment of machine until end of event.
  3. Warm-up riding is limited to the start area and only after the referee or other official has given permission and the rider has registered for the event.
  4. Riders must not exceed 1st gear idle when traveling to and from their pit area and must always wear a helmet.
  5. Any rider riding his machine before registering for the race may be disqualified.
  6. Riders are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew and/or family.
  7. Rider Contact: Ramming, blocking, or any intentional contact made by one rider to another while on the course or facility the day of the event, may be cause for a penalty/disqualification.
  8. Rider Conduct: Unsportsman-like conduct happening anywhere on the course, pit area, check/scoring or sign-up areas may result in the disqualification of the riders involved.
  9. Any ATV rider under the age of 18 must provide a photo I.D. which indicates date of birth, as proof of age at time of registration.
  10. No riders under the age of 18 may compete without the written consent of a parent/guardian.Said parent or guardian must also be present at the event.
AA Classification
  1. Any rider who is listed or competes in a AA or Pro class in any other series, regardless of state.
A Classification
  1. All riders that have an A ranking in any other off-road series.
  2. All B riders who won their class in the previous year's series will be required to ride A class if the top 6 riders rode at least 50% of the events.
B Classification
  1. All riders that have a B ranking in any other off-road series.
  2.  All riders wishing to enter an event that do not qualify for the C class and also do not meet the qualifications for placement in the A and Pro classes.
  3. Any C rider who won their class in the previous year's series will be required to ride B class if the top 6 riders rode at least 50% of the events.
C Classification

Novice riders in any other off- road series. Anyone not meeting Pro, A, or B requirements.
Moving within Classifications Riders may not move from an upper classification back to a lower Classification except as specified in the AMA rule book.

  1. Machines entered in all events must have silencers. Machines may be tested by officials at any time prior to, during or after the event. The sound level for events is 96dB.
  2. The machine a rider leaves the starting line on is considered the official machine for the rider during that event, and he may not switch during the event.
  3. Bikes or quads without serial numbers and/or identifying numbers on the engine will not be allowed to run in any displacement class. They must run in an open displacement class or an age-based category, if eligible.
  4. No rider is allowed to carry gasoline except inside their machine's gasoline tank or approved gasoline carrying device.
  5. A working kill switch (bikes) and tether switch (ATV) must be on all machines.
Tech Inspection
There will be a tech inspection before each event. The following will be checked:
  • sound checks will be done in 2013
  •  registration vs. numbers on front and side number plates/back of quads
  1. A cross country meet is conducted over a course that may include roads, trails, footpaths, up and down hills, motocross tracks, or any type of terrain which can be negotiated by a motorcycle or ATV.
  2. Participants are allowed to walk or bicycle the course prior to the event. Any rider caught "flagging" or otherwise altering any part of the race course before the event will be disqualified. No pre-riding for practice purposes is allowed nor is anyone allowed to ride a motorcycle or ATV on the course before an event without the expressed permission of the promoter.
  3. Only riders officially entered or course marshals may ride on any portion of the course or facility the day of the event.
  4. Any time a rider leaves the course for any reason he must re- enter the course at the same spot he originally exited.
  5. All riders must remain on the marked course and ride it as marked and intended. Anytime arrows are posted on both sides of the trail, riders must stay between the arrows. Anytime there are arrows and an obvious boundary such as a road or woods line, riders are to stay between the two. Other course markers may also include any device placed along the trail to help guide riders, including: ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, barrels, tires, etc...
  6. Any rider more than 20ft off the marked course at any point, except when encountering a bottleneck, will be disqualified.* Riders encountering a traffic jam or bottleneck along the course shall be allowed to go off the course to get around the bottleneck only. However, the rider must re-enter the course as soon as possible, and upon approaching this section the next lap, must ride the original arrowed section if the track is clear. If these marking devices are knocked down, riders should stay on the original marked course. Short cutting in these areas could result in injury/penalty/disqualification. A "bottleneck" is a section of the track that becomes impassable due to riders falling and getting stuck.
Start Procedures
  1. Starting procedures will be explained at riders meeting.
  2. No riders, pit crew members, machines or equipment will be allowed on the starting line prior to or during the riders meeting.
  3. All A, B & C class riders must line up in their assigned starting rows on a first come basis following the riders meeting.
  4. All starts are dead engine. The blue flag will signal all riders to turn off their engines.
  5. Any rider taking off with the wrong row may be penalized by adding 2 minutes to his/her overall time or disqualified.
  6. Any rider that misses the start of their class must enter the race course at the starting line and complete the start chute staying within the markings.
  1. Scoring will be done via computer, with multiple hand-written backups.
  2. All riders must come to a complete stop at all check points and scoring areas.There will be "no passing" zones at each outpost check and at the scoring area. Any rider passing in this zone will be disqualified.
  3. It is the rider's responsibility to make sure he/she has all their scans/punches.Missing scans/punches will result in a penalty or disqualification to the rider.
  4. A rider will be disqualified for running into any scoring official or equipment. Any rider entering or leaving the scoring area in a manner that is deemed unsafe to scoring personnel or spectators will be disqualified. The rider will receive zero points for the event and will not be allowed to use the event in which the disqualification took place as a throw away towards year end results.
  5. Awards are given at the rate determined by the promoter. To get points, a rider must complete at least 50% of the laps completed by the winner of their class. All racers have 30 minutes to finish the race after the overall winner has taken the checkered flag, unless otherwise announced.
  6. Riders may get mechanical assistance on the course from their pit crew or spectators, but must finish the race under the machine's own power or by the physical energy of the rider.
  7. No towing allowed. If a machine has to be towed in from the course, that lap will not count.
  8. A rider may question the scores within the 30 minute protest period following the posting of the final results. After 30 minutes, the results become official, unless specifically announced otherwise.
  9. A rider has 30 days after points are posted to challenge any errors or oversights in their point total.
  10. Protests must be in writing and comply with the AMA Amateur Competition Rule Book, Protest Procedure. Any and all protest fees must be paid at the time of the protest.
Points In 2014, there will be 8 events, with your best 7 counting towards year end awards.

You must ride at least 5 events in a given class to be considered for year end awards in that class.

All class and overall points are based on the following. Position Points Position Points 1st 30 11th 10 2nd 25 12th 9 3rd 2113th 8 4th 1814th 7 5th 1615th 6 6th 15 16th 5 7th 14 17th 4 8th 13 18th 3 9th 12 19th 2 10th 11 20th 1

Ties If a tie exists for the overall championship, the rider with the most first place finishes will win. If a tie still exists, then the rider with the most second place finishes will win.

If a tie exists for class championship, then the rider with the most first place finishes wins. If a tie still exists, then the rider placing the highest in the final race wins.

If there is a tie for second, third, etc... the rider that places highest in the final race breaks the tie.

Penalties shall all be assessed at the discretion of the race referee based upon the severity of the offense, and may include one or more of the following: a. - one position, two positions, etc. b. - one lap, two laps, etc. c. - disqualification from event, prior events and/or future events. d. - time penalty

  • Utility (ATV) - a 4 Wheel Drive ATV or a 2 Wheel Drive ATV which comes with racks and/or an automatic transmission as standard equipment.
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